Automatic Plywood Grade Line Installed at CPFP

The launch of the new automated line will reduce the share of manual labor by 50% and increase production efficiency.

The key component of the new grade line is an ultrasonic fault detector. It will automatically track possible product defects: cracks, swellings, and unglued plywood areas. The operator will visually assess the grade of a plywood sheet during grading.

The new automatic plywood grade line will increase the quality of finished products.

Investments into the project amounted to approximately 70 million rubles.

Plywood grading is labor-intensive and hard physical work. During one 12-hour shift, graders process 243 cubic meters of plywood by hand on average.

The issue of purchasing a new production line was raised several years ago. The plant’s specialists acquainted with the operations of similar lines at various plywood plants in Kostroma, Murom, and Arkhangelsk. As a result, a domestic producer of sortlines from Kostroma was chosen.

One sortline will not cover all production needs. Plans for the implementation of the next grading stage have already been considered. Project continuation will make it possible to almost completely abandon manual plywood grading.