Particle-boards (Chipboards)

Particle-boards (Chipboards) from Cherepovets Plywood & Furniture Plant designed for the production of furniture and other goods used in construction as structural and finishing materials. The production volume is 520,000 m3 of chipboards per year.

Cherepovets Plant’s Chipboard advantages are:

Форматы и толщины

Different selection of formats, thicknesses


Friendly European standards of emission class E1 and E2


Resource base of the outer layers through the use of Northern species of birch and spruce


Production of chipboards with increasing water resistant


Chipboard Standard P1 Grade, Superfine P2 Grade
Russian Standards – GOST 10632-2014
Size, mm 2440 x 1830, 2500 x 1830, 2750 x 1830,
3060 x 1830, 3660 x 1830, 3500 x 1750,
4200 x 1830
Thickness, mm 8-38
Other thickness can be produced on your request
Thickness (sanded), mm ± 0,3
Density (depending on thickness), kg/m³ 570-750
Moisture content 5-7%
Formaldehyde emission class E1, E2
All products are FSC certified.

Certificates of conformity

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