CPFP at the Furniture China 2023 exhibition!

Mid-September turned out to be busy – CPFP delegation visited the Furniture China 2023 exhibition in China!

Every year, every second week of September, a grand event is held in Shanghai, bringing together Asian woodworkers, leading manufacturers and suppliers of the furniture industry, and designers.

This is our first time at the Furniture China exhibition. The main objective of our stay is to search for new markets. However, in addition to this, it was important for us to form an understanding of the key vector of movement in terms of the development of panel materials using the example of manufacturers in the global Asian market. It is known that China is not a trendsetter in furniture design. But you still need to take into account the fact that the country is a global engineering and technological hub, the solutions of which are used by almost all countries. This means that it is absolutely worth using the basic ideas for the production and processing of wood products that our eastern colleagues give us.

We were amazed by the wide range of decors in shades and surface structures that the Asian market offers – take a look for yourself! They also noted the huge number of manufacturers of edge materials, natural and artificial veneer, and board composition. Definitely, the event turned out to be very useful and educational for everyone – both in terms of expanding their professional horizons and in terms of establishing business connections.