Environmental policy

CPFP, JSC is fully aware of the potential danger of a possible negative impact on the environment.

The main objective of the environmental policy is to minimize the negative impact of the production activities of CPFP, JSC on the environment, staff and population health, as well as the plant’s sustainable development with the provision of the environmental safety of newly commissioned and existing production facilities.

The main objective is achieved:

  • By complying with legislation, industry-specific and local regulatory requirements governing the plant’s environmental activities;
  • Development and practical implementation of measures aimed at environmental protection;
  • Rational use of raw materials, supplies, energy resources, compliance with technological regulations in the production processes;
  • Timely, comprehensive, open informing the staff, authorities and the public about the plant’s environmental protection activities.

In this regard, the plant’s management assume the following obligations to:

  • Carry out industrial and environmental control of the plant’s sources of impact on the environment;
  • Monitor the environment in the zone of influence of CPFP, JSC;
  • Comply with the specified standards of admissible impact on wastewater discharges, emissions into the atmosphere, and waste disposal;
  • Submit statistical reports and reports on the implementation of programs, plans and measures for environmental protection within established deadlines;
  • Optimize production processes, reduce specific consumption of natural and energy resources, neutralize and utilize production wastes, and introduce low-waste technologies based on scientific and technical achievements;
  • Assist the government authorities of the Russian Federation and local authorities in addressing environmental protection issues;
  • Provide a stable level of product quality in strict compliance with technical documentation;
  • Work with suppliers who have the necessary licenses, certificates, and a positive environmental reputation;
  • Raise the level of staff awareness and competence in environmental protection issues;
  • Assess the environmental impact of new activities, production processes, and products;
  • Be available to the public.

The management of CPFP, JSC assume responsibility for the implementation of the environmental policy, intend to strictly follow its goals and encourage each employee of the plant to do so.