The entire history of CPFP, JSC is one of continuous movement and development

The foundation of Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Plant dates back to November 1958, when the first batch of plywood was produced.

The enterprise developed rapidly and after 15 years it became one of the 7 best Russian plants, leaving behind many old Russian cities, where plywood production had begun earlier.

The plant was originally built as a match factory, but after the construction of the first shop the purpose of the enterprise was changed. Then it functioned as a plywood-pipe plant and produced plywood pipes used for power lines and mine supports. Then it was renamed into Fanerodetal and began producing cabinet furniture, chairs, and chipboard.

Today’s CPFP, JSC consists of 3 enterprises: CPFP, VokhtolgaLesDrev, and Sheksna Wood Board Plant. The main products are birch plywood, chipboard, flakeboard, MDF, LMDF, softwood lumber, and fiberboard. CPFP, JSC is one of the 3 leaders of the Russian timber industry in product volume. The shops do not stop modernizing production, replacing technological equipment with more modern items. It is not for nothing that the Industry, Entrepreneurship and Forestry Department of Vologda Region calls this company the flagship of Vologda timber processing.