New assortment for new opportunities – moisture-proof chipboards P3

Chipboards and film-faced chipboards products manufactured under trademark NORDECO DESIGN have successfully passed certification for resistance to moisture and swelling. This manufacturers chipboards now have a Certificate P3 and the ability to order.

It is no secret that chipboards produced on carbamide resins have significant physical and mechanical strength, but have low resistance to water and moisture. This important indicator is taken into account when using chipboard products in rooms with high humidity (furniture for kitchens, bathroom furniture, etc.). It is not difficult to distinguish such plates, they have a green pigment that is noticeable when cutting.

For reference: the NORDECO DESIGN trademark is a brand for board products produced by three woodworking enterprises located in the Vologda region of the North-west in Russia, in close proximity to the raw material base. These products have long won the authority and stable demand of furniture manufacturers not only in Russia, but also in Europe, Asia and South America.