The quality of CPFP's products creates its distinction

CPFP is one of the 3 woodworking enterprises of Russia in terms of production volumes. Rich experience, accumulated since Soviet times, allows to produce world-level products. CPFP has its own raw material base of northern wood species – strong, dense, resistant to physical and mechanical effects.

A group of companies in Vologda Region is associated with the name of CPFP:

— Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Plant,

— Sheksna Wood Board Plant,

— VokhtogaLesDrev.

CPFP produces FK-type birch plywood of the E0.5 emission class, chipboard and flakeboard in several thicknesses, softwood lumber, as well as synthetic urea-formaldehyde resin. Birch plywood occupies the basic place in the assortment as most widespread construction and structural material. It is produced from birch veneer with the use of home-made low-toxic resin. Plywood production is based on the modern equipment of recognized world leaders.

Sheksna Wood Board Plant, part of the group, specializes in the production of MDF and LMDF, chipboards and flakeboards of different thicknesses, as well as low-toxic urea-formaldehyde resins. The Vokhtoga woodworking plant, in addition to the production of chipboard and flakeboard, urea and melamine resin, also produces cladding films for boards. This is its uniqueness.

The consolidation of the efforts of the three enterprises makes it possible to produce a large volume of high-quality products capable of competing in the global market.

The company produces:

Birch plywood interior grade

170 000 m³ per year

Древесно-стружечная плита
MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

100 000 m³ per year

Пиломатериалы хвойные

40 000 m³ per year

Ламинированная древесно-стружечная плита
Film-faced medium-density fiberboard

50 000 m³ per year

Древесно-стружечная плита
Particle-boards (Chipboards)

733 000 m³ per year

Фибролитовые плиты
Wood cement boards

90 000 m³ per year

Ламинированная древесно-стружечная плита
Film-faced chipboards

497 000 m³ per year

High-quality production control

The company maintains strict technological production control, which guarantees the high quality of products.

Each division has laboratories whose task is to carry out the operational control of technological parameters at all production stages.

The functions of the central production laboratory include control of finished products, in particular tests of their physical and mechanical properties, and control of free formaldehyde release.

The control of product compliance with standards is performed by controllers of the Quality and Metrology Service.

All the products manufactured by CPFP, JSC are certified.

Plywood products are certified for compliance with the plant production control 0765-CPD-0510.

At present, CPFP, JSC produces chipboard and flakeboard of E1 and E0.5 emission classes, used in the manufacture of children’s furniture and furniture for medical facilities.

The quality of the products of CPFP, JSC is known not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. Control covering all the stages of the production cycle, from receipt of raw materials to warehouses of finished products, as well as the use of advanced technologies and modern equipment, ensure consistently high product quality.