We are increasing our capacity and increasing our sales volume together with you!

The end of April for NORDECO was marked by a grand event – at one of our production sites the updated MFD-2 production line was launched!

Where did it all start? In 2022, it was decided to carry out a deep modernization of the MDF production line. The main goals that we pursued:
– increase the productivity of MDF boards with a format of 2750×1830 mm to 65,000 m3 per year,
– increase the range of thicknesses – from 3 mm to 30 mm,
– be able to produce slabs with a density from 650 to 980 kg/m3,
– increase the production volume of 1st grade slabs to 98%.

From setting goals to implementing a plan is a matter of months. It was decided to use the developments of the famous Chinese company BEIJING ZHAOSHANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, which has been producing equipment for wood-based panels for more than 10 years. Six months for installation – and the line was launched! We are confident that new opportunities will allow us to meet your needs in full!