We are updating the NORDECO manufacturing program!

“Spring is a time of change and renewal,” we thought and worked thoroughly on NORDECO’s manufacturing program. With a firm and decisive hand, we transferred 25 laminated chipboard decors to the custom position, and decided to abandon 8 altogether. Don’t worry – the collection ROOTS and the new collection ROOTS.Nature will adequately replace outdated positions; in addition, throughout the year we will update the program with current shades – please follow our news.

Decors included in the custom order:
– wood: Oxford Cherry, Jara Gosford, Canterbury Oak, Milky Oak, Sonoma Oak 003, Light Kera Oak, Dark Kera Oak, Caramel, Liberica Milky, Noche Guarneri, Noche Maria Louise, Noche Ecco, Natural Alder, Picard, Gascony Pine dark, Gascony pine light, Karelia pine, Shimo ash light, Shimo ash dark, Bounty;
– monochromes: Orange, Lime, Yellow, Lime;
– fantasy: Transylvania.

Decors that are going away forever:
– wood: Ponente Oak, Santana Oak light, Sonoma Oak 004, Chesterfield Oak 005, Geplankt Walnut (chocolate),
– monochromes: Red,
– fantasy: Tela Gray,
– metallics: Aluminum.

Updated production program HERE.